California-Nevada resources: We are the church. Together.

October 27, 2022 | by Admin

California-Nevada resources: We are the church. Together.

United Methodist Communications has created a special presentation called We are the church. Together. that will remind congregations of their identity as United Methodists while also inviting them to have constructive conversations about what they hope the future will bring, both for The UMC as a whole and their congregation.

We have customized the UMComm resources for our context in California-Nevada and invite local church communities to use these resources as we continue to discern God's will for our mission.

The resources include:

  • full powerpoint and presentation script
  • full powerpoint divided into 7 different topical presentation
  • 8.5x11 downloadable booklet - single sheets
  • 11x14 downloadable booklet - foldable sheets.
As we enter into the Western Jurisdiction Conference and then to the season of Advent, please take a moment and reflect with your faith community on the tenants of our Methodism faith, what makes California-Nevada unique and the ties that bind us across the US and around the world with The United Methodist Church.