Conference Forms  

Charge Conference Forms

All forms are online accessible through the Church Dashboard. Go to Church Dashboard.

To Request Access - Click Here

Clergy Compensation Forms

The compensation form is available on the Church Dashboard. It is the responsibility of the SPRC chairperson to ensure that the clergy compensation form is completed and submitted to the conference office for approval.

Clergy may view a non-editable copy of their compensation packet by logging into thee Clergy Dashboard. Go to Clergy Dashboard

Officer's List

The yearly update of the officer's list is available via the Church Dashboard. It is expected that the pastor, church secretary or the SPRC chair help circulate and facilitate the completion of this form. A current list of officers for your church will be provided for you to review once you have logged in. The list of your church officers’ information is viewable and can be updated as needed once you have logged in.”  

Appointment Forms

Clergy members, including deacons, and those appointed to extension ministries can access their forms through the Clergy Dashboard. Go to Clergy Dashboard. 

Evaluation forms requiring completion by the SPRC will be accessible through the SPRC Dashboard. Go to SPRC Dashboard.

If your church does not have a current SPRC chairperson, the pastor must contact the database coordinator.

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