Board of Higher Education and Campus Ministry

Ministry to young people and college students is important and challenging. During the formative years of their lives, the UMC strives to offer a safe and nurturing place for spiritual growth and exploration.

Are you a student going to college and looking for a campus ministry?  Here are our current ministries … 

Patty Bartscher, Chairperson


We are committed to the following values that will guide action and decisions at all levels of Campus Ministry in the California-Nevada Annual Conference:

  • The highest standards of faithfulness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Diversity and inclusive welcome of all.
  • Responsiveness to needs of the campus populations we serve and the common good.
  • Excellence and credibility as a mission and administrative unit of the Annual Conference.
  • Cooperation with Annual Conference initiatives involving youth, young adults (camping, retreats, mission trips, and conferences) recruitment and training of ordained and lay spiritual leaders, and revitalization of churches as places of mission and ministry for young adults in the Annual Conference.
  • Viability, visibility and flexibility in effective current and future campus Christian ministries.
  • Rigorous and accountable stewardship of resources by campus ministry units.

To find out more about what the United Methodist Church is doing at the national and international levels, go to the General Board of Higher Education website.


Are you interested in getting involved at the Annual Conference Level?  The Board on Higher Education and Campus Ministry (BHECM) interprets and promotes ministries in higher education supported by the general Church and the Annual Conference.  The board represents ministry and fiduciary interests of the Annual Conference to local campus ministries and represents local campus ministries to the Annual Conference.  Here are some of the things we do …

Grant-making – Each year, the board provides grants to local campus ministries.  The non-campus ministers review applications and decide how to distribute funds from the Annual Conference designated for campus ministry.

Scholarship application review and recommendations – Each year, the board reviews and makes recommendations on applications from students for scholarships from the General Board of Higher Education Ministries and a scholarship program for a local community.

Support campus ministers – Be in conversation with, and find ways to support, our local campus ministers and campus ministries.

Liaison between Annual Conference and campus ministry – Submit budgets, and highlight, to the Annual Conference the joys and concerns of campus ministry.

Vision and plan for ways to improve and adapt our campus ministries in the Annual Conference.


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