ACS Offering to benefit Davuilevu Theological College

Our ACS Offering this year will directly go to support the urgent and long-term development of facilities at Davuilevu Theological College in Fiji. For more information, visit Davuilevu Theological College and the Methodist Church in Fiji.   



Flyer/Bulletin Insert:


May be printed as 8 1/2 x 11 poster
or printed front-to-back and cut in half,
to use as church bulletin insert.

Click photo to download.





Online Giving/Bulletin Insert

May be printed as a two-sided 5 ½ x 8 ½ insert. 

Click photo to download.




Brochure/Bulletin Insert

A two-page PDF describing facilities needs at the college. Print
front-to-back and fold in half, to use
as brochure or church bulletin insert. 

Click photo to download.


Video Excerpt: Global Missionary Carmen Scheuerman (1:36)

Rev. Scheuerman talks about what California-Nevada’s Annual Conference Offering will mean to Davuilevu Theological College in Fiji. 

Global Missionary Carmen Scheuerman talks about her ministry in Fiji, including with Davuilevu Theological College (4:45)